Snow Removal


Listed below are a number of things you, as a responsible resident of the town, can perform or pass along to the proper persons, to assist us in undertaking our duties safely, efficiently and effectively.

  • No vehicle should be abandoned along our public roadway(s) and/or any public right-of-way area.
  • Please do not park in the street.
  • Owners and occupants of a business and/or residents or tenants of any properties / dwellings, etc. in the Township of Holmdel, shall not plow, cause to be plowed, or allow to be plowed snow from his/her premises onto roadways used by the general public in the Township of Holmdel.
  • All roadways are plowed by the Department of Public Works curb-line to curb-line to afford the proper drainage, additional accumulation(s), mail delivery, and solid waste collection(s). No one is permitted to remove snow from there properties onto any public roadway. Business owners and residents are required to notify plowing and snow removal contractors of this requirement when servicing the owners/residents of the Township of Holmdel.
  • Snow plowed from residents driveways is not to be pushed into/or across the street.
  • All motorists are urged to drive safely during inclement weather condition(s) i.e. snow, ice, etc.
  • A good rule of thumb is to drive half of the posted speed or less, depending on the condition.

Snow Removal Reminders

Whenever snow has fallen, and the accumulation is such that it covers the roadway(s), an emergency shall exist, and no vehicle shall be parked on any street.

The township has an ordinance that prohibits parking on roadways during snow, ice, and inclement weather. The parking ban shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased and until the streets have been plowed sufficiently, completely, and from curb-line to curb-line. If you park your vehicle in/on the street, and it interferes with the Public Works Department snow plowing and/or de-icing trucks and equipment, you will be summoned and your vehicle towed at the owners expense.