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Responsibilities of the Office

The Assessor’s Office, under the direction of the Monmouth County Board of Taxation and the State Director of Taxation, undertakes the assessing activities of the Township of Holmdel as set by law.

The Tax Assessor’s Office provides the information necessary to ensure an accurate valuation of properties and the equitable distribution of the real estate tax levy so that all taxpayers pay their fair share of the obligations of the schools, Monmouth County and the municipality of Holmdel.

The tax rate is formulated by the County Tax Board from the approved budgets of the county, the school district and the municipality. It is the Assessor’s responsibility to process all changes in property status i.e. processing building permits to determine value for added assessments, add new ratables to the tax rolls, process farmland assessments, senior / disabled deductions and veteran deductions.

Filing for Deductions

You may file for a $250 veteran deduction with no budgetary requirements. A senior or disabled citizen earning less than $10,000 per year (combined spousal income), excluding your social security, may file for a senior / disabled deduction. These forms are available online at the sites listed or in the Assessor’s Office.

If you are over 65 years of age and have lived in New Jersey for 10 years and in your current residence for 3 years, you may apply for the reimbursement / freeze act through the State of New Jersey by calling 800-882-6597.