Reporting Crime

The Importance of Timely Reporting

One of the greatest assets a Police Department has in solving a crime is the timely reporting of an offense. A quick response to a criminal act greatly affects the clearance rate. Too often Police Departments are called long after a crime has occurred, or a person has witnessed a suspicious incident.

Timely Information is Key

On numerous occasions there have been incidents where the Police Department is called out to investigate a crime: burglary, theft, criminal mischief, etc. Upon arrival, the officer speaks with the victim and takes an initial report. According to the severity of the crime, a detective may also respond to do a follow-up investigation. Long after the initial reports are taken the officers receive pertinent information that may have helped in the apprehension of the actor(s) if the report had been made sooner.

We Need Your Help

Sometimes the Police Department will receive a call hours or days after someone has witnessed a suspicious act or crime. In one instance, a residential burglary occurred. Two days later officers received a call from a neighbor who advised that on the same evening strangers came to her door asking for someone that did not live at her residence. Those strangers could have been responsible for her neighbor's burglary. If the Police Department had been contacted immediately, the burglary may have been stopped.

Report a Crime Now

The Police Department urges anyone who sees something suspicious or witnesses a criminal act to report the incident at the time of the occurrence. All reports can be made by dialing 911 or calling the Police Department directly at 732-946-4400.