Distracted Driving


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These are the faces of distracted driving. 

They are the mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brother, spouses and friends to those who have died because people chose to take part in phone calls or text messages while driving.

They are here to educate the public about the dangers of cell phone distracted driving and support victims and their families. They are proof that hands-free phones are no safer than handheld devices. They are proof that texting and driving is a deadly combination. They are proof that our nation's roadways need to be safer - now!

They believe that all motorists are entitled to safety.

Driving safely is every motorist's first responsibility and it should also be their top priority. FocusDriven is a place for victims and their families to come together to honor those who have been affected by this issue. They are the constant reminder to the world that no call or text message is worth someone's life.

Download the distracted driving brochure (PDF).