Crime Prevention

Thefts of Opportunities

Many auto thefts are crimes of 'opportunity.' Leaving the keys in your car (even a 'hidden' spare key) greatly increases your chances of having your car stolen. Leaving your vehicle unoccupied with the engine running, even for a minute, is illegal in itself; but it greatly increases the chance that your car will be stolen. It is truly a helpless feeling to watch your car being driven away by a total stranger as you stand 10 feet away at an ATM or mailbox. Take your keys with you even for quick trips. Needless to say, this is especially true if you have children or pets in the vehicle.

Home Improvement Contractors

Contractor's Registration Act- Requires contractors who sell or make home improvements in New Jersey, unless they are otherwise exempt, to be registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs/Department of Law and Public Safety. To find out if a contractor is registered, visit the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs website or call 888-656-6225.

Computer Browser Security

Closing or minimizing your browser or typing in a new web address when you're done using your online account may not be enough to prevent others from gaining access to your account information. Instead, click on the 'log out' button to terminate your online session. In addition, don't permit your browser to 'remember' your username and password information. If this browser feature is active, anyone using your computer will have access to your investment account information.