Alarm Permits

Guidelines for Obtaining an Alarm Permit

The Township of Holmdel has adopted an ordinance regulating alarm systems within the Township. All existing and new systems must comply with the ordinance. You can download an application form and a copy of the ordinance (PDF). Hard copies may also be picked up at the Holmdel Police Department Headquarters.

The application must be completed and returned to Police Headquarters as soon as possible.  Please include the annual fee of $20 for a residential alarm permit, or $50 for a commercial  alarm permit.  If we find that your alarm system complies with the requirements of the ordinance, a permit will be issued to you that will allow continued operation. The Holmdel Police Department will advise you of items that need to be changed or adjusted in order to comply with the alarm ordinance. Non-conforming alarm systems will be ordered removed.

False Alarms

Due to an increased number of false alarms received by this department, we request that in the event you are aware your alarm system has been activated accidentally, please call Police Headquarters immediately at 732-946-4400, and give your alarm permit number to the dispatcher. When it can be determined over the telephone that no problem exists at the alarm protected premises, there will be no police response to that premises. A false alarm that is cleared in this manner will not be charged to your record. However, excess false alarms, causing police or fire units to respond, will result in a summons requiring your appearance in Municipal Court.