Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving

What is JACC?

Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving (JACC) is a state-funded program that provides a broad array of in-home services to enable an individual, at risk of placement in a nursing facility and who meets income and resource requirements, to remain in his or her community home. By providing a uniquely designed package of supports for the individual, JACC delays or prevents placement in a nursing facility.

JACC Services

Based on the results of a clinical assessment, a Plan of Care (POC) is developed collaboratively by the participant and his/her Care Manager. All JACC participants receive Care Management services. In addition, the POC specifies other services to be delivered, which may include:

  • Adult Day Health Services
  • Attendant Care
  • Caregiver/Recipient Training
  • Chore Services
  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations
  • Home-Based Supportive Care
  • Home-Delivered Meal Service
  • Homemaker Services
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)
  • Respite Care
  • Social Adult Day Care
  • Special Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Transportation

Limits to JACC Services

Cost caps are applied to specific services under JACC as well as to the cost per person per month. JACC services are limited to a maximum of $600 per month or $7,200 annually. The service package provided is based on an assessment of the individual's needs, unique care plan, and availability of services and funding.


Services may be provided by traditional Waiver service providers, new non-traditional qualified entities, or qualified Participant-Employed Providers. All service providers must demonstrate competence in the service to be provided, and must meet qualification requirements.

The Participant-Employed Provider service option allows a participant to work collaboratively with his/her Care Manager to employ his/her own provider and direct his/her own care. The ability to direct one's own care will be confirmed prior to participation as the employer of one's providers.

Not a Medicaid Program

JACC serves individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicaid waiver services. JACC is a program supported totally with state funds.


A JACC eligible individual is a New Jersey resident who:

  • Is 60 years of age or older
  • Resides in a home that he/she owns or rents, or lives in an unlicensed home of a relative or friend
  • Has no alternate means available to secure needed services and/or supports
  • Has been determined to be clinically eligible for nursing facility level of care
  • Is a United States citizen or a Qualified Alien

You must also meet financial eligibility by:

  • Being financially ineligible for Medicaid or Medicaid waiver services
  • Having a countable monthly income that is no more than 365% of the Federal Poverty Level ($3,296 monthly in 2010)
  • Having countable resources at or below $40,000 for an individual or $60,000 for a couple


JACC participants may contribute to the cost of their services. The co-pay obligation is based on countable income applied to a sliding scale. Co-pay is payable directly to the designated billing agent, which will bill the JACC participant.

Applying for JACC

Individuals interested in receiving services through JACC may contact the New Jersey EASE website (NJ EASE) in their county. NJ EASE is the Easy Access Single Entry point for senior service information, and can be reached toll free by dialing 877-222-3737. NJ EASE workers will assist callers and refer individuals to the proper application point.