Housing Bureau

Housing Bureau Responsibilities  

The Bureau of Housing is charged with the enforcement of Chapter 20 of the Township's Housing Regulations. The primary responsibilities include:

  • Protect the health, safety and welfare of residential tenants and the general public by ensuring that both the interior and exterior of all buildings and properties are maintained in a safe and sanitary condition and that maximum occupancy limits are not exceeded in residential rental units
  • Protect the real estate values of properties located in close proximity to rental housing by requiring the upkeep and maintenance of building exteriors and outside property areas
  • Protect the public health, safety and welfare by establishing minimum standards governing the maintenance, appearance and condition of commercial premises, shopping centers and multifamily dwellings
  • Establish minimum heating requirements for rental dwelling units where furnishing heat is the responsibility of the owner
  • Fix responsibilities and duties upon owners, operators and occupants
  • Authorize and establish procedures for the inspection of commercial premises, shopping centers and multifamily dwelling
  • Fix penalties for the violations of the Housing code
  • Provide for the right of access by the agents and employees of the Township to enforce compliance with the provisions hereof whenever necessary
  • Registers Landlords and monitors those dwellings that are rented by their owners to ensure that those properties that are rented are properly maintained and that the tenants of those dwellings do not negatively impact the quality of life of those residents in the neighborhood in which the rented dwelling is located.

Housing Bureau Workflow  

Code compliance can be complicated. To hep understand the process, we developed a Workflow to breakdown the requirements. Click here to view the Housing & Fire Prevention Bureau Workflow.

Landlord Registration  

Click here for information on Landlord registration.

New Home Construction  

Click here for information on requirements for new construction

Affordable Housing  

Visit the Township's Affordable Housing page for purchase or rental opportunities in Holmdel.

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