Landlord Registration

Landlord Responsibilities  

As per N.J.S.A. 46:8-28 and 46:8-29 all Landlords of single and two unit dwellings are required to fill out the Landlord Identity Registration Statement and file the form with the municipality in which the dwelling units are located. A Landlord is also required to provide a copy of the Landlord Identity Registration Statement to the tenant of each unit.

Registering with the Township of Holmdel  

Ordinance 20-6 of the Housing Regulations require that every Landlord of any dwelling or dwelling unit constituting rental housing shall file with the Department of Community Development a written registration statement.

Landlords must register by completing an Online Landlord Registration. There is no cost to the Register.

Failure to Register  

Any Landlord that fails to register is subject to a penalty.