I would like to plead guilty to a lesser charge, how do I do this?

You must call the court prior to the court date located on the bottom of your ticket.  You will be scheduled for a court date at which time you will be able to speak with the prosecutor about your case.

How many points does my ticket carry? Do I receive points on my out of state license?

The municipal court is not involved with the issuance of points.  Please contact NJ MVC for information about points.

When does my ticket have to be paid by?

The ticket must be paid by the court date indicated on the bottom of your summons if you have not entered a not guilty plea.

The officer said I could pay this ticket, why must I appear for court?

Only the violations listed on the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule are payable without a court appearance as long as the officer did not check off the "court appearance required" box on the bottom of your ticket.

I wish to sign a complaint, how do I do this?

The Municipal Court accepts all complaints for filing.  You can print the form from the website, or pick it up in person.  There are complaints forms located at the main entrance of the municipal building.  We do not take complaints on court days.  Please note that the municipal court is not allowed to do any type of investigation for the complaint so you will need to be sure you have the following:

*Name and address of person whom you are charging

*Date of the offense

*Statute number in relation to the offense

*License plate number if it is a traffic complaint

*Description of the incident

I cannot afford an attorney, can I be granted the public defender?

In order to be granted the public defender, your case must carry a consequence of magnitude and your income must fall within the established guidelines. The Income Eligibility Guidelines can be seen here.  The judge may assess a fee of up to $200.00 if your application is approved.

Can you recommend an attorney?

No, the court is not permitted to recommend an attorney. You may call the Monmouth County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at (732) 431-5544 or refer to the local yellow pages. 

My driving privileges have been suspended for failure to pay my ticket / payment plan.  How can I resolve this?

Please call the office to find out the amount that is owed.  Once paid in full, court staff can provide you with proof of payment to take to the NJ MVC.  They will assess a $100.00 restoration fee in addition to the money owed to the court.

I need to change my court date, how do I do this?

Please review the Holmdel Municipal Court's Adjournment Policy.

How do I obtain discovery for my case?

For local discovery, a written letter must be brought to the Holmdel Municipal Court to be stamped received, then taken to the records department at the Holmdel Police Department.  For discovery involving a State Police matter, a written letter must be submitted to the court to the attention of the municipal prosecutor.  

There has been a warrant issued for my arrest, what do I do to resolve this?

You must post bail.  You can post bail at any municipal court or police department in the State of New Jersey.  If you are going to a municipal court other than Holmdel, please be sure to call first to find out their policy on posting bail.  Credit cards will NOT be accepted when posting bail.

How do I obtain a copy of the disposition of my case?

Please fill out the form for the Judiciary Records Request.  There is a $10.00 fee for a disposition with a raised seal, and a $5.00 fee for a disposition without the seal.  For information on the status of a disposition request, please call (732) 946-2820 ext. 1605.

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report?

Contact records at the Holmdel Police Department at (732) 946-9690 for a copy of an accident report.

Can I speak with the prosecutor before my virtual court hearing?

Yes.  The invitation to the virtual session sent to the email you provided will include the prosecutor's email address.  Feel free to reach out to him before your session to try to resolve your matter in advance.

I do not have an email address or internet access in order to join my virtual hearing, do I have another option?

Provide court staff with the phone number you can be reached at.  The prosecutor will first call you to discuss the facts of your case.  If a resolution is reached, the judge will call you from the bench on the record to dispose of your case.

I posted bail money on a case, when can I get it back?

Bail is a guarantee that the defendant will appear at each court session as scheduled. If the defendant misses any session, the bail money may be forfeited.  Bail is returned when the case is completed. You may pick it up the day after your court appearance or it will be mailed to you.  If you posted bail for someone else and you are allowing the money to be used toward the fines, the court needs verification in writing from you if you are not going to be there on the court date.