When Do I Need A Construction Permit

About Construction Permits  

A Construction Permit is more than a piece of paper and a fee. It is a document that sets in place a series of events that actually protect your rights as a homeowner and consumer. Permits ensure the safety of the people that occupy our homes and businesses. And by law, they are required. But not all work requires a construction permit. “Ordinary Maintenance”, for example, as defined by the NJ Uniform Construction Code, does not require a permit. 

Regardless of whether a Construction Permit is required, almost all work requires a Zoning Permit and approval. If any doubt exists, contact the Zoning Officer.

About Construction Permit Fees  

Fees for Construction Permits can be found in Chapter 12 of the Township's Ordinance

Work That Requires a Construction Permit  

Some common types of work requiring a Construction Permit include:

  • Additions to an existing structure
  • Deck
  • Finishing a basement
  • Enclosing a porch
  • In-ground or above ground pool, spa or hot tub
  • Pool heater
  • Interior alteration or renovation
  • New or replaced central air, furnace, boiler or water heater
  • New or replaced fireplace or insert
  • Generator
  • Chimney liner
  • New ductwork
  • Shed larger than 200 square feet
  • New wiring or electrical lighting or receptacle outlets
  • Underground sprinkler system
  • Removing or installing an oil tank
  • Upgrading the electric service
  • Installing driveway post lights
  • Demolition of a shed or building
  • Installing a concrete patio with stairs
  • Retaining walls
  • Installing a fence greater than 6-feet in height (ALL FENCES REQUIRE ZONING)
  • Installing any size fence surrounding a pool
  • Replacing or installing septic system (Permits with the Monmouth County County Board of Health also required)
  • Renovating a garage or other accessory building
  • Install a Photovoltaic (solar) system
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Work That Does NOT Require a Construction Permit  

Some Common types of work not requiring a Construction Permit include:

  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Installation, repair, or replacement of interior finishes of less than 25 percent of the wall area in a one or two family dwelling
  • Replacement of glass in any window or door
  • Replacement of any window, door, or garage door in the same opening
  • Replacement of any non-structural component, such as a partition railing in one or two family dwelling
  • Replacement or installation of any non-structural elements, such as cabinets, trim, or flooring material, provided it is not part of an alteration project
  • Repair or replacement of existing roof covering on detached one or two family dwellings
  • Repair or replacement of existing siding (except polypropylene siding) on one or two family dwellings
  • Repair or replacement of any part of a deck, porch, or stoop that does not provide structural support for any roof or portion of a building
  • Installation of exterior gutters and leaders
  • Replacement of hose bib valves, ball cocks, faucets, valves, traps, or fixtures with a similar fixture provided that no change in the piping arrangement is made
  • Replacement of any receptacle, switch, or lighting fixture not containing emergency batteries
  • Replacement of domestic dishwashers or kitchen range hoods in dwelling units
  • Installation of a burglar alarm, security system, doorbell or plug-in landscape irrigation unit under 30 volts at one or two family dwellings
  • Replacement of duct work
  • Repair of air conditioning or furnace equipment and systems

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