Businesses Within a Collaborative Work Space

Collaborative-OfficeWhat is a Collaborative Work Space?  

A Collaborative Work Space is a commercial office or retail space that has at least five (5) different Subtenants possessing rights to occupy a portion of the Premises for office and related uses. It is made up of businesses within a larger work space (Premises) that is Registered and Permitted as a "Collaborative Work Space" in accordance with Township Ordinance § 20-10

Collaborative workspaces have all the characteristics of a “normal” company except that they accommodate different types of people who do not belong to the same company. These spaces have offices, meeting rooms, video conferencing areas, business lounges, and Wi-Fi connections.

Businesses within a Collaborative Work Space?  

A business that enters into an agreement with a Premises that is a Registered and Permitted "Collaborative Work Space" is granted certain benefits in that they are not required to register with the Bureau of Fire Prevention. Additionally, a Zoning Commencement of Use does not need to be filed with the Zoning Officer. Also, since these businesses occupy limited space within a Registered and Permitted space, no Business Registration or Occupancy Certificate of Code Compliance is required from the Code Enforcement Office. This reduces start-up costs. The business is permitted to utilize the Premises for any use that is permitted under the Approvals and/or applicable zoning regulations and is required to comply with all Township's Ordinances and Regulations.