How do I Obtain a Handicapped Parking Placard?
Holmdel Township, as a service to NJ Motor Vehicle Services, can issue Temporary Handicapped Parking Placards to its residents. Motor Vehicle Law 39:4-204 through 207 states: The Chief of Police of each municipality in this State shall issue to any person who has temporarily lost the use of one or more limbs or is temporarily disabled as to be unable to ambulate without the aid of an assisting device or whose mobility is otherwise temporarily limited as certified by a physician or podiatrist….a temporary placard of not more than 6 months duration. The placard may, however, be renewed one time, at the discretion of the issuing authority, for an additional six months. The placard shall be displayed on the motor vehicle used by the temporarily handicapped person. A vehicle which has displayed a placard is allowed to park overtime or in a designated handicapped parking place.

Q. Where can I get the application for a Temporary Handicapped Placard?
A. The application form can be picked up at Holmdel Police Headquarters during normal business hours.

Q. How long is the placard good for?
A. The initial placard is good for a period of six months from the date of issue. The person with the disability may be re-certified by their qualified practitioner for an additional six month period (limited to one time).

Q. What is the charge for the handicapped parking placard?
A. The fee for the windshield placard is $4.00. This $4.00 fee must be in the form of a check or money order made payable to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. We cannot accept cash because the form, along with the fee, must be sent to Motor Vehicle Services.

Q. Does the disabled person have to have a driver’s license?
A. No. Motor Vehicle Services will assign a number.

Q. How long do I have to wait to get the placard?
A. Under most circumstances the Temporary Handicapped Placard can be issued the same day or the following business day between business hours, if the Chief is available to sign the application. The following criteria must be met before the placard can be issued:
  • The resident has filled out and signed his/her section of the form correctly.
  • The doctor has filled out and signed his/her section of the form correctly.
  • A check or money order in amount of $4.00 payable to NJ Division of Motor Vehicles is received.
  • e most common reasons for not being able to issue a placard the same day:
  • Person has not brought a check or money order in amount of $4.00 payable to NJ Division of Motor Vehicles, along with the application.
  • Person wants to pay by cash which we cannot accept.
  • The doctor has not filled out the three-part form which is necessary. A note from the doctor is not acceptable.
  • The Chief is not available to sign and approve the placard.
Q. Is this the placard that hangs from the vehicle’s mirror?
A. Yes, the old type was placed on the dashboard.

These applications can be obtained at any Motor Vehicle Office or on their website at found under “forms.”

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